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Skin Care provided by From Head to Toe

We are excited to welcome From Head to Toe founder Sharōn Ronen and to the offices of Healing Hands.

Sharōn always loved to bake, a skill that requires structure, balance, and creativity. When she transitioned from the music industry to beauty, health, and wellness, she blended the key ingredients to become a successful entrepreneur in her new field: business acumen, ongoing education, and a lifelong passion for skin care.

Sharōn’s love of cooking and concocting formulas has set the foundation for her knowledge of the best product lines, as well as the creation of her own skin care goods. She feels that the power of the perfect spa treatment is in the details. Sharōn only offers facials that are at least 75 minutes to allow proper time to customize the treatment for each client. She knows that a combination of great products, a highly skilled esthetician and a relaxing, transformative, pampering experience are essential to producing incredible results.

Please click the link below for Online Booking and more information regarding all the services and pricing provided by the skilled team From Head to Toe

*Please note that Healing Hands Wellness Center Gift Certificates are not valid for services provided by From Head to Toe.