Rochan Olson, DAOM, L.Ac

Healing-Hands-Rochan-OlsonRochan Olson is a California licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist. She Graduated from Yo San University with a masters in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learning Traditional Chinese acupuncture, herbology and Qi gong from the Ni family, the founders of the school. The program concentrated on treating the whole person physically, mentally and spiritually with an emphasis on Qi work. Qi work is done through movement in Qi gong and mediation.

Rochan’s path to Acupuncture started as a stage manager for Theatre’s around the country. Being a stage manager takes on many roles, most notably is taking care of everyone and making sure everything runs smoothly. After leaving the business she moved to California still having the desire to help and care for others. Her healing journey began with receiving her massage therapy license. After taking a continuing education class in Acupuncture meridians she found her calling. Rochan began practicing massage therapy at Healing Hands while going to school and is happy to now be able to offer a collaborative healing path for her patients. Rochan believes in empowering the patient to take charge of their health in collaboration with their Health practitioner.

Rochan has completed her Doctorate in Healthy aging and longevity. Focusing on chronic hard to treat diseases that western medicine has difficulty in treating. These include chronic fatigue, IBS, Fibromyalgia and the depression caused by chronic illness and pain.

Rochan uses many techniques in treating depending on the needs of the patient. These include but are not limited to Needling, Herbs, cupping, moxa, tui-na, electrical stimulation and Qi gong. Most of her treatment plans are rooted in Traditional Chinese medicine, she my also treat using Master Tung and Korean points. However, the most important treating technique is empowering the patient to listen to their bodies so they can help in managing their health and longevity.