Michelle Wong, L.Ac

Michelle Wong is a physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine, licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and is fascinated by all things related to skin. She graduated from UCLA with Bachelor of Science, and then from Dongguk University, Los Angeles with her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine in 2011, and has studied in both Beijing and Seoul.

Michelle’s own journey in health began at age 4, when she was enlisted to massage her grandmother who had just arrived from the Philippines. The nightly ritual had relieved her of symptoms of emphysema, and she declared the young Michelle gifted with “Hilot” hands.

A former model, Michelle’s own healing of life-long skin and allergy problems were permanently healed with Chinese herbal medicine, pivoting her career trajectory from Western to Eastern medicine.

In her practice, Michelle combines cutting edge technology with ancient wisdom, and practical advice for modern day living. She utilizes gentle acupuncture techniques for pain relief, hormonal balance, emotional & facial rejuvenation. She specializes in difficult to treat dermatological conditions, through herbs and nutrition, and believes that health skin reflects a healthy body & spirit. Additional skills include cupping, dry needling, microneedling, electro-stimulation, gua sha & tui na. Most importantly, Michelle believes in empowering the patient to listen to their bodies so they can take the lead in managing their health and longevity.

When Michelle has some leisure time, she gardens herbs at the White House Place Learning Garden, listens to jazz, pickles, hikes, and co-leads Chumash medicine walks throughout Southern California.

COVID-19 Protocols for massage

Below you will find information on what to expect when you book your next massage. 

  • You will receive an email that will include appointment confirmation, a massage intake, and a COVID Agreement. Please fill these out prior to your massage.
  • You will only be required to fill these out one time, prior to your return. 

When you arrive:

  • Mobile check-in and stay in your car. We are not allowing any walk-ins at this time. 
  • You will receive a text letting you know it's time to check in. Please respond with the letter H. That will let the front desk and your therapist know you've arrived. Please continue to wait in your car. 
  • Your massage therapist will come to get you a couple minutes before your treatment. 
  • Please be sure to wear a mask upon arrival. 

Once inside: 

  • Please sanitize your hands.
  • Continue wearing a mask throughout your entire treatment. This is for your safety and your therapist. 
  • Enjoy your treatment 
  • Please be advised we are using contactless payment methods. If you choose to pay with cash, please be prepared with exact change. 

Patience Please:

  • As we navigate these new protocols, your patience with our new rules are greatly appreciated. We want this to continue to remain a safe, clean space for everyone.  
  • Our business hours will vary to start
  • Appointment will be booked in staggered time slots and unfortunately cannot accommodate group booking until further notice. If you wish to book with a friend/partner/spouse, we will try and book you as close together as our schedule allows.  
  • We do not have coins for meters. Please be prepared if the parking lot is full. 
  • Please keep in mind that not every therapist is returning at this time.