Acupuncture with Loren Stiteler LAc

Loren Stiteler LAc AcupuncturistLoren Stiteler, is a second generation licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist making him one of the few multigenerational practitioners of non-Chinese descent. Growing up around the art engendered within him a keen interest in the Chinese traditional sciences. And when he began his undergraduate education, he finally had the opportunity to travel to China where he fulfilled his childhood dream of studying Mandarin. He now uses his linguistic skills to research ancient literature and teach medicine, philosophy, and history at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

According to Loren, “The benefit of acupuncture does not come from the needle itself but from the hand that holds it” meaning acupuncture is a skill-based technique where the practitioner remains in the treatment room ensuring he achieves his intended effect. As a result, it is not unusual for Loren to hear, “Wow. I have been doing acupuncture for years, but I have never experienced anything like that!” Because of this hands-on approach, Loren is capable of treating a whole host of illnesses ranging from aches, pains, and injuries, to acid reflux and IBS, to anxiety and depression, to menstrual pain and erectile dysfunction, and even easing menopause and encouraging healthy aging.

Though it is true that Loren began his studies out of his love for traditional Chinese culture, he continues to practice it because of just how well it WORKS, and he is pleased to show Larchmont just how much this medicine can do.

Wednesdays 9am – 6pm and Thursday 8am – 4pm

Treatment cost $125

To schedule, please call the front desk at 323-461-7876

Loren does not take insurance

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